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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sandwich Tech Featured in Littleton Courier

Matt Michaud and Katie Mros, owners of Sandwich Tech.
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Littleton, NH: Matt Michaud and Katie Mros, owners of Sandwich Tech, were recently featured in their hometown Littleton Courier. Michaud and Mros talked about the home base of the company - "Science heavy ski construction is not the only inventive part of the company. With their own hard work, Michaud and Mros built the Near Zero Energy building that serves as the company's home, and their own." The article covers topics such as the company's creation, Sandwich Tech's unique approach to sizing, and how Sandwich Tech aims to cater to the needs of east-coast skiers. The article also touches on the company's unique ironwood sidewall technology. Sandwich Tech extends their gratitude to the Littleton Courier for their generosity in writing the article.


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